Drilling Tools von DIABÜ® Diamantwerkzeuge Heinz Büttner GmbH

Drilling Tools

Segmented core drills or core drillings mostly with mounts, outside thread R ½” or M14 inside thread supplied by us from outer diameter 25 mm to 300 mm. Special orders of special or very large diameter are possible at any time.

Core drill with ring segment are manufactured from diameter 8 mm to 80 mm. We also deliver segments or drill core rings for self-brazing.

Blind hole drills are manufactured with the shots, outside thread R ½ “inside thread M14 or as smooth shanft in diameters 4 mm – 12 mm.

Diamond drills for small holes with hexagon mount or internal thread M12x1.5 are available from diameter 5 mm to 12 mm. The diamond of the crown height is 10 mm.

Detailed product information with product range available in the chapter Drilling Tools to download ready. You will also find recommendations for use, safety and other information.